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Besides practising Tarot for more than 15 years, Ritu also consults in the areas of Vastu, Numerology, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Therapy, Face Reading and Dream Analysis.




With 15+ years of experience in the area of Occult Sciences, Ritu also conducts Basic and Advanced Courses in Tarot, Numerology, Graphology and others.




A detailed Tarot Forecast for the coming 2 months by the Zodiac covering your health, finances, relationships, career and personal self.


  • “My reading with Reetu was the first I had ever had, so I went into it not knowing what to expect. Within minutes I had chills – card after card my past was spelled out for me.  I have had a difficult past that not many people know about, but it was as if Reetu was looking into my soul.  The more we continued the more aligned my reading became. Not only did my reading address my past and present struggles, but also what was holding me back from achieving my best self and future happiness.  It  brought me awareness to the interconnections of my past, present and future.  The reading did not “magically” heal me, but it gave me the tools to heal myself and to understand my soul on a deeper level.  It was as if Reetu opened my eyes inward.  Those 30 minutes were life changing and It gave me the most precious thing and that is my goddess my reetu ❤️

    Preeti Bajpai, Mumbai, India
  • Ritu has been my mentor and guide since 2016. Her predictions are accurate and on point. She always guides me in the right direction. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for guidance and solutions to their problems.

    Salima Beddingwala, Atlanta, USA
  • I found Ritu kantawala very spiritual and pure soul. Her Tarrot reading for me and my family was very accurate. I have full faith in her.

    Parul Jhaveri
  • Ritu..someone who does know what power is all about. She can tell u a better future…someone who guides u. She is not like the other Pandits…she is someone showing u a path to great future…

    Samarth Bajaj
  • Ritu, The Tarot Lady reads the cards like no other! She dials in to the meaning with a loving and yet practical sensibility. Absolutely amazing. I have received wonderful guidance coupled with opportunities for spiritual growth from her readings.

    Sapna Aggarwal
  • She has been a good friend and tarot card predictions have pretty much been on point. Her tarot card predictions have helped me sort a lot of my life matters as well! Thank you, Ritu, for being a great friend as well as a brilliant tarot card reader!

    Anant Thakker

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