Ritu Kantawala

Ritu Kantawala is an internationally renowned Tarot Reader & Consultant with over 15 years of experience. She has been blessed with a magical gift of of being a psychic which was further sharpened with the study of Tarot.

There have always been insights, visions, dreams, vibes and intuitions that come to her, which she has interpreted over the years through the medium of Tarot.

Ritu’s mentor – The Late, Ms. Ruby Kanan was responsible for initiating her into the world of Tarot. After extensive readings, research and attending various workshops and courses ,she started practicing Tarot . Her clientele include celebrities, clients from U.S., U.K., Canada and U.A.E as well as clients from different walks of life. Ritu also trains in Tarot Interpretations. She teaches numerous courses from her office in Fort.

The feedback she has been receiving since the beginning has been heartening and only motivated her to go deeper into it. She has seen the lives of people unfold and wished to help, protect and warn them, so that they would be prepared to deal with what was in store for them.

Besides Tarot, Ritu also practices Vastu for homes, shops and offices. She has successfully corrected the Vastu of several commercial and non commercial sites. She practices Numerology, Graphology, gives guidance and interprets dreams through Dream Analysis. She specializes in Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki and crystal healing and provides spiritual counselling, guidance and solutions as well.

Ritu has been the official columnist for the G2 magazine (Glory and Glamour) since the past 8 years Her column provides monthly Tarot Readings for all Zodiac Signs and has a worldwide readership.

She has also been a part of The Psychic Fairs organised by The Times Of India and has been the recipient of 5 awards. In the recent times, Ritu has taken part in several Rotary Events, The Times Health & Fitness Show and has also conducted several corporate talks and workshops.

She strongly believes that each individual has their own destiny and karmas ,she is just a medium that helps them to understand their journey, deal with it , sort out problems and even trigger some good luck.