19 Oct 2019

An understanding about Tarot

An understanding about Tarot …….

Tarot seems mystical and intriguing. People wonder how it works. No doubt it has a mystical nature with multi layered symbolism it almost seems magical. Tarot like dreams presents images that trigger your intuition and speak to your inner self. It probes into the subconscious to find answers within oneself. So, Tarot is not only an answer to everyday questions or telling fortunes, it is a beacon that shines light into the darkest recesses of your inner self and illuminates the vast realms that lie beyond the limits of conscious mind.

The true history may never be known, you can still use Tarot Cards to advise and guide you, to show you what lies ahead, and to gain access to yours inner knowing. It gives direction and guidance helping one take correct decisions when one is confused or at a cross road.

The amazing insights contained in the Tarot and the deck’s inherent flexibility make it just as relevant during contemporary times as it was to the ancients.